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    Axis Range wont Zoom/Change with Slider Filter when adding reference lines

    Andrew Neeld



      I have a dashboard that displays the number of records per day over the course of 3 years. On certain dates, I have added reference lines to examine a correlation with daily volume to certain important dates.


      Before I add a reference line, when I adjust the date slider filter, it will only show me the relevant dates on the x-axis. For example, if I adjust the filter to just see Oct - Dec 2015, the axis will begin at 10/1/2015 and end at 12/31/2015. This allows for a kind of "zoom" effect.


      However, When I add 1 or more reference lines, the slider filter behaves as shown in the picture attached. It effectively cuts the data of the graph without zooming in.


      Are there any ways around this? I want to preserve the zoom effect while keeping reference lines on the x axis.