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    Extract Data vs Refresh

    Karan Ganesh

      When using TDE there are 2 options called as Extract Data and Refresh(under Extract option). Please let me know the difference between the two. And with using a TDE i want import records from the database of customers with age only above 31 and not below. My data extract should only have records of customer with age > 31. Please help me, very confused with using filters in TDE.

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          L B

          Hi Karan,


          Regarding your first Q, here is some detail that might help.


          When you choose "Extract Data", Tableau is loading the data from your source into a Tableau format (called TDE). At this point, you have a copy of your data in this format (TDE)

          When you click, Refresh under the Extract option, you are requesting Tableau to re-create the TDE using the source data. So, at this point, if you have newer data in your source, it will also show up in your TDE.


          Regarding your second Q, if you would like the TDE to only import the data with age > 31, you can use the filter option when requesting the extract. This will ensure that the data is filtered when creating the extract.

          If you do not use this option, and have already created the extract, you can use the "Data Source Filter" option, but this will only filter the data for display purposes. The TDE still has the unwanted records.


          You should re-create the extract if you want limited dataset in the TDE


          hope this helps


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            Karan Ganesh

            Thanks a Lot. This is exactly what i wanted to understand. Thank You.