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    Get your act together TABLEAU!

    Nick Bachofen

      Versions 9.2.2, 9.2.3, 9.2.4 released within a two week period.



      This is unacceptable. Been upgrading Tableau since version 8 at my company and this is the first time I have ever had issues. We are not your beta testers...when you release an upgrade it should be a solid not filled with a ton of bugs.



      Serious question. We have 2 installs of Tableau Server at our company (an internal version and external version). Each has it's own RD/QA/PROD environments.


      What is your upgrade schedule? We tried to upgrade every other minor release.


      How quickly do you upgrade?  Usually takes a month for my company to get the proper UAT to move the version into production.


      When do you decide to upgrade? New features and/or security vulnerabilities.



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          Toby Erkson

          Tableau Software does have a BETA program.  You may want to be a part of that, user feedback is used and appreciated   Now that I have a TEST Server I'm going to try (after I see if SSL will work in our environment).


          Having been in computer software for over 30 years I've yet to see a complex application be 100% bug-free.  Tableau isn't that buggy but when there are issues it does a good job at correcting them as quick as they can.  Tableau Server 9.2.2, 9.1.4, and 9.0.10 Downloads are no longer available  from the Release News forum may help you understand why the sudden releases were implemented.  That's a pretty stand-up response in my opinion.


          Being married to a set release schedule isn't realistic and reading the Release Notes may be a better way of determining when to perform the next upgrade.  When upgrades now take 3 hours this is the method I prefer.

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            Glauber Ribeiro

            We initially took every upgrade too, but it became evident that we were taking in too many Tableau bugs by doing that. Now we pick a version that seems to be stable and perform a full QA of it in one of our test environments, before committing to it. This means we end up upgrading once or twice a year.


            In this particular case, we were getting ready to update to 9.2.2 when Tableau removed it. We were able to retest on 9.2.3, but it's unlikely that we will take 9.2.4. It's not a great system, but at least we stay with the bugs we know about, instead of the ones we (and Tableau) don't.

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              Jeff Strauss

              I in fact agree with your take, though am just prepared to move forward.  I was in the midst of testing 9.2.3 and as of this evening, have completed running through the test case list that we use, and have proceeded to upgrade dev to 9.2.4.  9.2.3 passed, but being that we upgrade infrequently (2 or 3 times a year) and 9.2.4 has quite a few bug fixes (that may have not been covered in our test cases) it seems worth the risk to run through the test case list again (sigh...) with 9.2.4 prior to the weekend when we do prod.

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                Nick Bachofen

                Thanks for sharing your experience Toby, Glauber and Jeffrey.


                One of my teams new responsibilities is to make recommendations when we upgrade our environments. Working with IT is much easier when you can easily make recommendation to upgrade to 9.2.2...as we did...we just weren't expecting to 9.2.3 and 9.2.4 to come out so quickly.


                Again - love the product, I find it super easy to upgrade...but when you are coordinating efforts of 20-30 people it can be challenging if the target keeps moving.

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                  Diane Economides

                  I'm also preparing for an upgrade of Tableau Server and was wondering why 9.2.4 was released so quickly after 9.2.3 and 9.2.2.  It's great that customers can participate in the beta program, but I agree that there should be some better coordination around the release schedule and perhaps some more rigorous internal testing by Tableau. 


                  I used to work at a large company that needed to package the software for distribution to users and that process took about 6-8 weeks.  If Tableau released a version that was full of bugs then the time spent testing and packaging a specific version would be wasted and would cause a delay in rolling out the upgrade to the user base. 


                  My current employer doesn't go through that packaging process so it's easier for us to shift gears and go with 9.2.4, but up until yesterday our upgrade plans were centered around 9.2.3 and it's no longer available from the Alternate Downloads Site.

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                    Nick Bachofen

                    Thanks for your comments Diane. My company packages up the desktop & drivers for distribution. I feel your PAIN!


                    From my understanding 9.2.3 was never released for Desktop. I did confirm that 9.2.3 is still available for server.

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                      Jeff Strauss

                      I confirmed that 9.2.3 server is still available via the alternate download site.  9.2.3 desktop was never released.  Hopefully all is back to "normal"

                      Alternate Downloads Site | Tableau Software

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                        Diane Economides

                        Thanks Nick and Jeffrey.  Originally we planned for 9.2.2 but then saw 9.2.3 was released and now 9.2.4 so we'll go with the latest and (hopefully) greatest.

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                          John Kuo

                          Hi Nick,


                          I understand how frustrating it is to plan for an upgrade as some environments require more planning for change management. There are too many moving parts in software development to give an iron-clad guaranteed release schedule on the dot, though. With that said, here's the general ETA of Tableau's software release which I hope will help with the planning process:


                                    Tableau Version Number Format: [Major].[Minor].[Maintenance]

                            • Major (9) – full product update. Typically once per year.
                            • Minor (9.1) – significant update with new features and functionality.
                            • Maintenance (9.1.1) – primarily for bug fixes. Typically once per month.





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                            Ashley Bass

                            Thanks, everyone, for posting on this topic. To echo what John said: we target multiple feature releases throughout the year as well as continuing maintenance releases for supported versions.  For the feature releases,  we do have a beta program which is a great way to test, to provide feedback directly to the product teams, and to learn what’s coming up in the next release.  You can sign up for beta here.   


                            Providing maintenance releases this close in succession, as we did in the past couple weeks, is not the norm,  but we determined that getting critical fixes out to you (our customers) is our highest priority, despite the drawbacks.   We strive continually to improve our development  practices and product quality as well as the way we communicate about updates and changes.  Your candid feedback on the topic is valuable for helping us make good decisions in the future. So please feel free to add your feedback here or let me know if you’d like to chat with me directly.


                            Ashley Bass, Product Manager at Tableau

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                              Jeff Strauss

                              watch out, there may still be issues related to AD integration in version 9.2.4, it caused us to cancel our upgrade for this past weekend.

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                                Hi Jeffrey -- thanks for this heads-up! What kind of AD integration issues did you find in 9.2.4?

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                                  Jeff Strauss

                                  thanks Angie, I have sent you and Ramesh a direct email on the topic.

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                                    Diane Economides

                                    Oh no, really? That's too bad you had to cancel the upgrade.  What issues did you experience with AD? 

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