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    Windows 10 Display

    Mark Gandy

      I made the major mistake of getting and setting up my new laptop which uses Windows 10 during the Christmas holidays.


      Now, my Tableau is nearly impossible to use.


      I've been following a thread in the main forum and it appears 9.3 will solve the scaling issue. But I have no idea when it will be released.


      Just curious, have any of you purchased new devices using Windows 10? How are you dealing with the scaling problem? I've tried changing the resolution in many different ways. Changing the display to 1900 x 1080 addresses all scaling issues, but then everything gets a tad fuzzy on all the icons.



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          Ryan Sleeper

          Hi Mark -


          I just got set up with a brand new, top of the line, Surface Book with Windows 10. I was very excited, and then I opened Tableau...


          After quite a bit of panic, I found these steps:


          1. Find Tableau via the search in the bottom tool bar

          2. Right click on it and choose Open File Location

          3. Right click on it again from the file location and choose Properties

          4. Go to the compatibility tab and deselect "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings"


          It's not perfect because you may have to toggle that on and off depending on which display you are using (just laptop or extending to a larger monitor), but it improved the experience dramatically for me.


          Good luck,

          - Ryan

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            Mark Gandy

            Thanks, Ryan.


            I'm set up in the 9.3 beta program which will address Windows scaling issues. But it's not ready yet.


            Oddly, I downloaded/upgraded Quantrix to version 6 last night (which now tightly integrates with Tableau), and no issues with that particular interface. But I think it was designed with Windows 10 in mind. Tableau 9.2 came out before Windows 10.


            I have a second monitor for my laptop, but it's an older LG screen, so it's not a great display either (little grainy).


            But I'm still able to use Tableau. Just have to squint a little

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              Marcio Nunes Silva

              I tried this solution but no use.

              After that, In the same Compatibility window, I clicked on Run compatibility trobleshooter button and save the settings for Tableau 10.

              Now it's working fine!

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                Beatrix Balogh

                Ryan your fix worked for our group. Thank you so much for posting it!!

                I have spent the last few weeks researching this issue and testing so many things that didn't end up working.