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    Advanced Alerts not getting triggered?

    Jonathan Drummey



      I've finally started using VizAlerts and have got simple alerts running fine...now I'm trying to get advanced alerts working. I can see in the attached log that vizalerts is grabbing a csv (also attached) of a hidden dashboard in the viz, however what I see in the log is that it's treating it as a simple alert that is going out to the subscription address (jtdrummey@smhc.org) and not the advanced address (jonathan@datablick.com).


      I'm not able to share this workbook due to confidentiality, I could make up another example if need be.


      Any ideas?



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          Matt Coles

          Interesting, let me take a look and see what I can figure out.

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            Jonathan Drummey

            Thanks, Matt! If you want to do a screenshare I’d be glad to set one up.



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              Matt Coles

              The trouble is that the preceding space character is missing from the field names. That requirement was originally intended to keep fields together when you copy and paste them from the VizAlerts data source into your local connection, as the fields get sorted alphabetically. But frankly it's just ended up being a pain point, and I think we need to change things such that we do a pattern-match of some kind to parse out the fields.


              So, short version is--add a space to each of the field names and this should work. Best way to avoid this problem in the future is to publish the VizAlerts datasource and just copy / paste the fields from that connection in your workbook to the primary data connection. That way all the spaces come over with the names as intended.


              There are a few other things to fix to get your test working as you intend:


              1. Email Footer is listed twice in the CSV, not sure how it got duplicated...
              2. The text for the Email Body field needs to actually contain the string "VIZ_IMAGE()" (or you can just reference the " Embed Viz Image ~" field in your calc). That tells VizAlerts where to embed the image. If you just drag the field out by itself, it doesn't have any meaning for VizAlerts.
              3. You can reduce clutter by removing the optional fields you're not using--in this case the CC, BCC, Header, Footer fields. Shouldn't hurt to keep them in, though.
              4. Leave the Consolidate field out altogether--its mere presence as a field name will apply the line consolidation logic, irrespective of the value for it. You won't want that at this stage of your testing.


              Let me know if that works for you, Jonathan!

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                Jonathan Drummey

                I just looked again in the docs and the need for leading spaces is clearly spelled out!


                I'm not sure I installed VizAlerts right, I haven't seen a VizAlerts data source. I'll have to look a little more for it.


                Thanks, Matt!

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                  Matt Coles

                  No problem! Let me know if you have further issues.


                  Speaking of issues, I created this one so we can get rid of the strict requirements for the field names for Advanced Alerts. It's too rigid and confusing right now.