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    Conditional Formatting per column

    Sam Holmes



      Currently I'm working on a dashboard for a client who wants different formatting based on the column, so like most of the internet we have used the principles outlined here The Vizioneer: Day 8: Conditional Formating

      Now obviously this method isn't great (at least doubling the amount of marks) for performance, that said as far as we were aware it was the best option. We have several different columns being shown here each with their own formatting.


      However recently there was a Tableau Zen Master in for a different project who had apparently never come across this method and said that we could achieve the same results using an if wrapper on a highlight table/heat map.


      Unfortunately there wasn't time to show us how, but I've been experimenting on my own since and have had no success at all.


      I thought I would ask here and see if anyone understands the method he speaks of and how it can be accomplished.