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    Apply Different Filters to Different Measures in Worksheet

    Brian Nordyke

      Hello Tableau community,


      I'm in a bit of a pickle here and can't figure out the solution. 


      I need to show multiple measures on the same worksheet - Average Cycle Times of Different Processes - but each of these measures has some wild outliers that need to be filtered.  The problem is that each record (row) has a measure for each process, meaning that if I filter every measure by each outlier deletion criteria I'll delete useful measurements. (I.e. a row may have an outlier in one measurement but the other measurement may be within completely normal bounds - I'd like to only filter the first).


      Essentially, I'm looking to apply filters on a worksheet to only specific measures.  Is there any way to do this in Tableau?  Lots of searching hasn't led to much.



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          Brian Nordyke

          Hey all,


          So after a bit of thinking, I created a workaround that allows me to accomplish my goal above.  Essentially, each of the measures that I created were calculated fields that computed cycle times between points in a process.


          Rather than add filters to the sheet (which applies the filter to all measures in the sheet - my problem above), I simply changed the calculated fields to essentially 'filter' within the calculated field and return a 'NULL' value (which will not show) if the measure is an outlier.


          This was accomplished with a simple if statement - essentially:


          If (Calculation) > (Lower Bound) AND (Calculation) < Upper Bound

          Then (Calculation)

          Else Null



          This essentially allowed me to bound each calculation (i.e. filter for outliers) directly within the calculated field and show multiple measures, filtered differently, on one sheet.


          Hope this helps others!


          (Would still love to hear if there's a better option to solve this problem from others though)

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