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    Tableau Public viz embedded in wordpress shortcode tab, NS_ERROR_FAILURE in Firefox

    Beth Hartsoch

      I want to use tabs to display three pieces of a survey report (exec summary, sample demographics, response frequencies) on my Wordpress site.  I have successfully used the embed code provided in Tableau Public to embed a dashboard within a wordpress post, but when I use shortcode tabs and embed a viz in each of two tabs (sample demographics and response frequencies), everything works in Chrome, but I get an NS_ERROR_FAILURE in one or both of the embedded vizs in Firefox.  Tableau support said this has not been tested, and that the NS_ERROR_FAILURE is a known bug in Firefox. 


      Oddly, the second viz displays correctly in Firefox.


      Has anyone found a work-around for this?  I have the most up-to-date version of Firefox (44.0). 


      I included a few screen shots below.




      Problematic tab in Firefox


      No problem with the same tab in Chrome:


      No problem with this tab in Firefox: