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    Arbitrary HTML links in emails?

    Sean Mullane

      We are starting to look into VizAlerts since dropping Metric Insights but haven't tried it out yet so I'm hoping to get some basic questions answered.


      Our use case is a bit non-standard because we have our workbooks embedded in a custom portal. So linking to the workbook directly from emails won't work for us. Can someone tell me if you can create arbitrary links in the email body like <a href="www.OurPortal.com/thisView">Click here for the viz</a> ? Will this resolve correctly?


      Ideally we would be able to use an embedded image as a link. From reading the user guide, it seems to me that we cannot embed arbitrary images in the emails, just the image of the view. That would work fine for us IF we can use the image with an arbitrary link like the above. Is this possible?