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    http_request_uri limited to 255 characters

    Frank Reterink



      I'm analyzing the usage and performance of our Tableau Server. To do this I need to reed the compleet http_request_uri. Unfortunatly I'm not able to get more than 255 characters from the field. The text in the field is clearly truncated. Can anybody explain to me why? I tried this with Alteryx and pgAdmin III.





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          Brian Coggon

          Hi Frank,


          This is most likely a programming holdover from Excel and other applications that were 8bit. Doing a little research I found this to be interesting:


          "The highest number that can be stored in a single computer byte (eight bits) is 255 (1111 1111). Some programs use counters that are a single byte wide, hence, they can't count beyond 255. This is especially true for character strings, where the first character often IS the count."


          While many things have changed and I know we are a 64bit system, there is a method to the madness.  You are welcome to make a feature request and see if this is a challenge others are having.


          Thanks for your patience