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    Trusted authentication with web servers behind F5

    Sunil Unnithan



      Anyone able to get trusted authentication working with webservers behind F5?  We have a farm based environment (apache) to deploy our server side code (java) which is fronted by F5 and managed by a centralized team.  As per the documentation of the trusted authentication, one needs to trust all the webservers (ip/hostname) using tabadmin


      tabadmin set wgserver.trusted_hosts "<trusted IP addresses or host names>"


      Though we know the names of the webservers behind F5 but it is subject to change dynamically and I don't to break my client apps if my servers changed dynamically due to some maintenance or unplanned activity.  Another issue is blinding trusting the F5 ip/host as there may be hundreds of servers behind F5 that are not related to my apps and i don't want to open it for everybody (our F5 does some magic trick to route the traffic based on the url endpoints). 


      Any thoughts about configuring trusted authentication for farm based environments?  Note our tableau server is not behind the proxy so it not related to configuring the proxy server.