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    SQL Server Minimum Driver


      Hello everyone,


      I've been trying to research a strange issue I'm having.


      We're currently on SQL Server 2012 and using Tableau 9


      • I open Tableau and connect to SQL Server
        • Enter in my connection information as usual
        • Connect to a VIEW
        • Save my workbook.


      • So when I connect to this particular view (e.g., vw_departments)
        • After saving I open the workbook up in Textpad and see the connection information below.
        • I see this extra bit of information (minimum-driver-version .....)


      <connection authentication='sspi' class='sqlserver' dbname='XXXX' minimum-driver-version='SQL Server Native Client 10.0' odbc-native-protocol='yes' server='YYYY'>


      • But the weird thing is, when I connect to a different view (e.g., vw_employees)
        • I get the connection information below, WITHOUT the "minimum-driver-version"


      <connection authentication='sspi' class='sqlserver' dbname='XXXX' odbc-native-protocol='yes' server='YYYY'>


      Would anyone have any ideas or where I might look to see why it's causing this issue?

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          Dan Cory

          I'm not sure what problem this is causing you, but if you are curious:


          The different versions of the SQL Server driver report data types a bit differently. If you have such a column in your table, we mark the connection to make sure you use at least that version of the driver.



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            Thanks Dan.


            So I took your advice and looked at the two separate views.


            I'm not sure if this is causing it or not, but in our SQL Server view, we have one column of a datatype of "date".


            But once I switched it to "datetime" I didn't get that "minimum-driver-version" comment in the connection string anymore.


            I'm going to test it some more but hoping that was the cause of it.


            Thanks again!

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              Dan Cory

              Yes, the various types of date fields are the issue.