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    Hide Unwanted Field - Measure Name as Filter

    Jerry Li

      I am having issue to hide unwanted (not unused) field when using measure name as filter.


      For example, I have original measure called M1, I created Cal 1 based on M1, and Cal 2 based on Cal1, I drag measure name to the filter, it display

      Cal1, Cal2, M1. However, I only want Cal 2 to be displayed.


      Suppose I have many calculated fields based on different original measures, I only want to show the final calculated field, e.g., Cal 2, Cal 4, Cal 6.....

      Note: Parameter doesn't work here as it only support single selection, I want multiple selection. As far as I know, the only way to do multi-selection is using measure name as filter.


      Hide unused field is not working in my case since Cal 2 used Cal 1 and original measure M1.


      There is a discussion Measures names as filters but people didn't discuss the case I posted here.

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          Veronica Simoes

          Hi Jerry,


          Use the following workaround:

          1. In the Data pane, right-click the data source, and then select Duplicate.
          2. Select Worksheet > New Worksheet.
          3. Using the duplicate data source, rebuild the view on the new sheet.
          4. Open the Dimensions drop-down menu, and then select Hide All Unused Fields. For more information, see Hide or Unhide Fields in Tableau Help.
          5. On the Filters shelf, right-click Measure Names, and then select Show Quick Filter.





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            Jerry Li

            Hi Veronica,


            Thanks for your solution. It may solve case similar to mine, but not really solve the issue here.


            I didn't mention on my initial post, I used custom SQLs to create joins and get a single large composite data source, I think my real question should be how to hide unused fields across different data source (in my case, it would be different data sources from different SQLs).


            Actually the solution is very simple, on the left panel, under measures section, hide all unwanted field in each SQLs, you can name SQL 1 to be data source 1, and so on, finally only let the calculated fields unhide, then the measure name filter will only show the unhide calculated field, the measures from each SQLs will no longer be displayed.