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    "Stats for Space Usage" inconsistancy

    Aaron Johnson

      I am a server admin on several Tableau boxes, but I don't have direct access to the OS the server software is installed on. I have been following the instructions on the following pages to get the space that is being used by the tableau workbooks and extracts:

      Administrative Views

      Stats for Space Usage

      That nice total in the upper right is my "go to". Or at least it was until I noticed that when I go to it after selecting "server" it gives me 8GB (for example). If I go back to is after selecting one of the sites on the server, the number can be bigger! (14GB for example). How can one site of many take more space than the entire server? What is this number REALLY telling me?


      I know that I can affect these numbers as I can check them, remove a few data extracts, and then when I re-check them the number goes down.

      What are these numbers really showing me?

      Is there a better way to get the total space/size of all the workbooks and extracts that are on the server?

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          Hi Aaron,


          Sorry you're having this trouble. I took a look through the workbook, and the count looks like it's a fairly simple SUM of the workbooks.size and datasources.size columns in the repository DB. It only gets filtered by the filters on the dashboard which are simply WHERE clauses on the query (At least they were when I rebuilt the admin views for Tableau 8.0). If you're seeing X when completely unfiltered (all sites), and it goes UP to Y when you filter to a single site, that doesn't seem right at all.... should be impossible actually.


          Would you mind sharing some screenshots? If you'd prefer not to post them here, feel free to PM me. I'm the Product Manager for the team that owns the admin views, so I can help you get this sorted.



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            Aaron Johnson

            Thank you for the reply.

            Here is the screenshot of the server space usage status:

            tableau server space ussage.png

            And one of the many sites (the largest one):


            tableau site space ussage.png

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              Thanks, Aaron. Very interesting. What version of the product are you using, and do you have the PostgreSQL Repository "readonly" user enabled? I'd like to send you a modified troubleshooting version of the Server level workbook for you to open in desktop on the physical host and send me a couple screenshots. If you have the readonly user enabled, then this should be fairly easy to do.

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                Aaron Johnson

                The "readonly" user is enabled. If I remember right my own queries give a higher number, but it has been a while so your workbook will be welcome. I am not sure if I can get to the physical host, but have connected to the PostgreSQL back end remotely many times, would that work? If we do need to get to the physical host, I can look into that.


                I first noticed this when we were running 9.0.3 (or was it 9.0.7?), but it has since then been upgraded to 9.2.2 and still exhibits this behavior.

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                  Thanks. I've got something for you to try, and we'll take this offline to solve.


                  Another place to look at size information is the "Sites" page (http://<server>/#/server/sites). It will give you the size breakdown from each site.

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                    Mike Konopinski

                    Hey Blake,


                    Any chance you can share some details on the work you took offline?  I've got the same question, when I look at this space usage dashboard in our Tableau Server v10 installation it shows around 50 gb of space used by the server.  When I create backup files through through tabadmin my files are 150 gb.  I'm wondering what this discrepancy is and how I do additional cleanup.  We like to take backup files every couple of days but at that size and growing they're becoming unmanageable with our 500 gb hard drives.