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    Is it possible to store both user details from Sales force integration directory by rest api and Active directory by server authentication in Tableau 9.0 environment

    Subhadip Mukherjee

      Hi Team,


      We are planning to integrate Salesforce authentication with Tableau for our customers who are outside and not using our Active Directory . AD is using by our employees. Right now we have web portal where our employee can see the report from web. Hence my question:

      1. Will there be any change required in Tableau Configuration after salesforce integration is completed. We are using Tableau 9.0.if so what will be the changes in General Tabs of Tableau server authentication

      2. Customers will be added into tableau server by Rest API from sales force user identity management.Once customer load  completed  then will list of customer be automatically populated to User tab in Tableau server after the integration?

      3.Can Active directory perform in same manner how it is performing now for our employees


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