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    Workflow in Tableau - Maker/Checker

    Sai BD

      Hi All,


      I have a requirement with respect to creating a workflow mechanism in Tableau. The use case is as given below:



      • Shared Tableau workbook in the organization using Tableau server.
      • More than one user has access to this workbook (which has multiple dashboards)
      • Users look at these dashboards to arrive at certain decisions.


      Use case:

      • User 1 logs into the server
      • Views the dashboard which has certain numbers
      • Satisfied with the numbers, User 1 marks the numbers in dashboard as "Final"
      • Dashboard is then sent to/or information shared with User 2
      • User 2 log into the server
      • Views the dashboard and is satisfied with the numbers
      • User 2 marks it as complete in Tableau - this information (complete/reject) is stored into the database.


      Is this possible in Tableau? What we are basically looking at is a maker/checker concept where the workbook/visualisation can be accessed by users in a workflow kind of mechanism.


      If not directly.. it would really help if someone can shed light on what workflow/sharing features does Tableau support?


      Thank you


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          Patrick A Van Der Hyde

          Hello Sai BD,


          I have moved this thread to the Server and Online Administration area of the forums where other users tackle problems like this.


          There is no workflow automation like the sort that you are mentioning built directly into Tableau but I wouldn't be surprised if some of the Tableau Server Administrators out there have built some solutions for this sort of issue. 

          Mark Jackson or some of the other users that have poked around in the Tableau Postgres DB might comment.  I know we utilize Comments internally to note that someone has reviewed a workbook view but that only works for very simple use case.