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    Tableau YTD and MTD calcualtion for year 2015

    Rahul Nambiar

      Hi folks,


      I recently started using tableau and am quite impressed with many of its vibrant features.

      I have come up with a query which I want to solve at the earliest and would appreciate your expert help on it,

      I have the following fields ISBN number, Book Release Date, Book Type.

      The date format is of timestamp i.e. like 7/28/2015 11:59:13 AM.

      I would like to find Year to Date count of the books released in the year 2015 (previous year), similarly Month to Date (Month= December) count of the published books.

      I refered previous forum posts but could not come up with a defenitive solution.

      Will it be possible with relative date filters or would it require any calculated fields.?

      Kindly provide your expertise in the same.


      Thanks and regards,