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    WoW rank according to revenue percentage growth and/or drop

    Olivia Ochoa

      Anyone know how I would go about creating a calculated field that can rank buyers by most revenue growth week over week (WoW).  Conversely, a formula that shows which buyers had sharpest decrease in spend WoW.


      Essentially, i'd like to be able to filter by week and quickly identify all of the buyers sorted or ranked by who had the highest percentage in revenue growth or drop in spend


      Dimensions would be:

      - Buyer Networks (spenders)

      - Week Group (I made this calculated field using "Day")


      Measures would be:

      - Estimated Revenue



      So far, i've tried using this suggestion, but ran into an issue with my date filter not populating the dates correctly

      The specified item was not found.


      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!