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    Can we track Web Edits?

    Tim Nicknish

      Is there a way to track how many times (or if) a user has done a Web Edit on Workbook?  And created a new worksheet?

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          Vien Hua

          This is do-able but not quite easy. First, it involves making queries to the Tableau Server internal Postgres database. Now once you got that, take a look at the http_requests table. If someone has done web authoring, you'll see a http_request_uri for something like:




          The key part here is /authoring/. This tells you that the user entered web authoring mode. Now just match up the user_id column with the users table and system_users table.


          For a new workbook, it'll be like /authoringNewWorkbook/. I made a quick workbook for your reference. See attached. Just edit the workbook and point it to your own Tableau Server Postgres database.



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            Michael Mixon

            Hi Tim,


            We recently set up a dashboard to track our usage and wanted to differentiate "standard" from "custom/personal" views.


            custom views 1.png

            Here's how we did it:


            1. Set up a Group that contains the "standard" workbooks, i.e. the ones we put up there.


            2. Created a Set based on that group since Sets can be referenced in calculations and groups can't.

            group and set.png


            3. We then set up two Boolean calculations to identify the Custom Views (i.e. where a user just saved a custom view off of a standard workbook) and the Personal Workbooks (i.e. new workbooks created against the TDE).

            custom view.png

            personal views.png

            4. We used this Personal Views field as a filter.

            personal views filter.png


            Let me know if this gets you what you're after.