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    Can I create a dashboard selector (a la Creating a Sheet Selector for a Dashboard)?

    James Keuning

      I want to do this:http://kb.tableau.com/articles/knowledgebase/creating-sheet-selector-for-dashboard but with dashboards, not worksheets


      I have four dashboards, each is built using a number of worksheets. The four dashboards are all very similar, each summarizes similar data. I have a fifth dashboard, call it the main dashboard, which summarizes each of the four sub dashboards through four bar charts, one for each subdash.


      Typical workflow will be a user looks at the main dashboard, sets a few parameters which changes the four bar charts and also the vizzes on the four subdashboards, and from the main dashboard navigates to one of the sub dashboards to see more detail, then to another and so on.


      What I would like to do is stack the four subdashboards on the main dashboard and use a selector so the selected subdashboard shows up on the main dashboard, in the space under the four summary bar charts.


      I want to do something very similar to this Sheet Selection on Steroids | VizPainter but use dashboards, not worksheets.