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    DATEADD('hour', [Diff from UTC], [DateTime Created at]) returns errors?

    Eng Soon Wong

      Dear Tableau Community,


      Used the above calculated field to convert UTC time to US states local time with a referencing table that looks something as below.


      ZipDiff from UTC

      Master table contains Zip code, DateTime Created at in UTC format. Every row contains a time stamp in DateTime Created at UTC format.


      Secondary table contains Zip code and Difference from UTC- that expresses UTC time to US states local time according to zip code.

      Every row contains a zip code and its corresponding difference from UTC time.


      When I blend both data together with above DateAdd calculated field, I get the error

      "All fields must be aggregate or constant when using table calculation functions or fields from multiple data source".


      I think this should be a row calculation and not an aggregate calculation. Am I correct? How should I correct my formula to remove the errors?


      Appreciate all advice please!



      Wong ES