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    Pie Graph


      How do I create a pie graph to understand the % sales of the items sold in a day? Data is attached.

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          Adam Crahen

          Hi Margaret-


          Here you go.


          9.2.2 workbook attached.

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            Shinichiro Murakami

            Hi, Margaret


            First of all, for detail and more accurate procedure, go to the link site.

            Build a Pie Chart


            Here is  a step anyways.


            Put [Sales] in Label box

            Change chart type to Pie

            Put [Fruit] in Color

            Put [Sales] in Angle

            Put one more [Sales] in field, and Change it to Table Calc.


            Make Size bigger.  with changing view to Entire.





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              Rajeev Pandey

              Dear Margaret,

              I cant download any file in my workstation so I am using a Sample Superstore data for explaining the below Viz creation.


              Please find the detailed Steps through Which you can create either Pie chart or Donut Chart .

              Lets start with Pie Chart :

              1) As per the below image , you can see  you need 1 or More Dimensions and 1 or Measures


              2)  Then CTRL+CLICK the required Dimension and Measures from the data source.

              3) The Adjust the Size as per your need

              4) Click on Mark levels present at the top of the toolbar.


              5) Then Right Click on the Sales Mark which is representing the Angle , go to quick table Calculation and Select % total

              6) It will Generate the % . You can also Drag these Percentage Inside the Pie Chart .

              Note: if you are Having so many Pie angles , then use annotation for Representing the data



              Now lets start with Donut Chart :

              1) Drag a Year(order date) to the Row Shelf and make a Copy of the Year(order date)


              2) Double Click on Sales measures and Convert the Year(order date) from Discrete to Continous , Something Like below


              3) Right Click on Order date and Select Dual Axis . Also Change the Marks from Automatic to Circle.

              4) Just for your better Understanding , We will be taking a Single Year . So apply a Filter on "year (order Date)"



              5)Hide the header for yearly axis so that the veiw look flawless.


              6) Right click on the view and select format . Go to "Lines" and make the "Zero" line as none

              7) Now Change the marks card  from Circle to Pie.

              8) Add region to the Color Marks card of Year(order date) (not the Year(order date)2) . We Will be using it as Circumference.



              9)Go to the Copy of the Second  year(order date ) 2 and Select the Color marks Card and change the color to White ( this is the Inner Circle).

              You can also add Black border for both the Color marks card i.e year(order date ) and year(order date ) 2

              10) Once you completed the Steps , you final result will look like below Diagram.

              if this solves your issue , kindly mark the answer as correct This will help other members when they are searching for solutions to similar problems.

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