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    Help with using calculated field with parameter as filter

    Steven Laphorn

      Hi, I'm having a lot of issues trying to use a calculated field as a filter.


      I've attached the raw data.


      What I want to do is as follows:


      Calc 1:                Create a calculated field for:     sum(addtocarts) / sum(clicks)        formatted as %

      Parameter 1:      Create a parameter with a slider using Calc 1.  This should have a min of 0 and a max of the max of Calc1, and a step change of .1%

      Calc 2:                (Calc1 < Parameter 1)


      Calc 2: place in Filter shelf, filter on True


      The viz will be a scatter plot of Calc1 and Clicks.  And as the parameter slider is adjusted I want the colour to change on the viz marks.  So, as you change the parameter slider I can see what marks fall into that.


      I'm getting errors when putting Calc2 into the filter shelf.  I understand that there are limitations on what you can put in the filter shelf, so I've tried some alternatives outlined here:


      Adding Calculated Field to Filter Shelf | Tableau Software


      But none of these give me the end result I'm looking for.  I'm sure this is possible!


      Any help much appreciated