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    Tableau - Beginner

    Rahul Vk

      Hi,Am beginner in Tableau Professional Edition 9.2.Am going to try my first project using Mobile os Usage dataset (Its in tableau Public). Kindly any one suggest me what are things i can do for my mini project using Mobile os data set.


      Thank You 

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          Norbert Maijoor



          Start your journey here

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            Rajeev Pandey

            Dear Rahul.

            I would recommend you to either Start with tableau Manual or buy tableau  your data book. Systematic Approach is always good.

            In addition to that, You can also follow the below website . let me know if I can be of any assistance.



            For your better understanding I gathered all the information related to all the tableau books.

            There are couple of Books available in the market which are very good.I will point out Names and you can buy any one of them,All books are great . My favourite is Tableau your data - (you can buy Second edition as well)


            Here are list of the names and screenshot which I created for you. Please close the thread by marking my answer as correct so that it can help other members as well

            1. Learning Tableau - How Data Visualization Brings Business Intelligence - Joshua N. Milligan
            2. Communicating Data with Tableau -Ben Jones
            3. Tableau For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech))-Molly Monsey
            4. Tableau Your Data!: Fast and Easy Visual Analysis with Tableau Software-Dan Murray
            5. Tableau Data Visualization Cookbook-Ashutosh Nandeshwar
            6. Tableau 8: The Official Guide 1st Edition-George Peck
            7. Tableau 9: The Official Guide 1st Edition-George Peck
            8. Tableau Dashboard Cookbook - Jen Stirrup

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              Rahul Vk

              Hi Rajeev

              Thanks for info.