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    Anne Dahlstrom

      I am an analyst supporting sales managers that work remotely in the field.  I am trying to move all of their reporting and presentations for customers into Tableau. They are hesitant to use Tableau because they like being able to add in slides with additional images and text to their PowerPoint presentations.  Is there anyway to allow them to do this in a Tableau Server dashboard?


      Thank you!

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          Joe Oppelt

          My first thought is this:




          Tableau has a STORY feature that lets you string together page after page of dashboards.  A dashboard can (if you want) consist entirely of nothing more than an image or a URL page.  (And that URL can be a document stored in a sharepoint site, for example.)  The person designing the presentation can insert (and remove) pages in the story as often as he sees fit.


          Working backwards, your designer could also download Tableau dashboards to PDF, and then insert those into the PPT presentation.  This option defeats the cool feature of Tableau wherein you get your latest data each time you run it.  A downloaded snapshot of dashboards results in stale data tomorrow, unless you keep refreshing it in your PPT.

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            Norbert Maijoor



            Next to the approach provided by Joe Oppelt find below an alternative solution


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