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    Calculating Average Item Sales Per Day Over Time

    Derek Manning

      I am working with a table where I have a lot of different items that were sold.  The starting date was Dec. 9th, 2015 and it continues everyday.  I have already figured out how to get the total number of items sold over the period as well as the total items sold per day.  However, I was wondering what calculated field I would need to create to give me the average number of items sold per day for every item.


      One of my biggest problems is trying to figure out a way to pull the sums of the individual items out of the Items category to be able to divide them individually by the time frame.


      For example, if I sold 5 hats over the course of 20 days, I want to see that my average sales per day for hats was 0.25.


      (Also I'm using Tableau 8.2 so I don't have access to the new functions in 9)