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    Highlighting of Donut Chart issue

    Rajeev Pandey

      Dear Tableau Gurus,


      Need your Help and Tricks with the below mentioned issue.

      I have created a donut chart and doing some experiment with it but I noticed an issue with color highlighting e.g. when I select any color legend in the donut chart it is converting it in to the pie chart. I only want to highlight the arc part rather than complete pie part. Do you know any workaround for this which can solves this issue.    This has been asked Earlier also(Here) in the forum but there is no proper explanation . So with Tableau 9.2 ,is there any possibility that  we sort it our this problem.


      Pooja GandhiRody ZakovichJonathan DrummeyShawn Wallwork Simon Runc Joe Oppelt



      Warm Regards,

      Rajeev Pandey

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          Donut chart using Tableau is essentially a pie chart with 2 overlapping axes. So it is a pie chart with a disguised donut 'look' to it.


          So clicking on the colored part to actually select that area will reveal the pie chart. In order to see just the 'arc' like you mention, I suggest hovering over the area instead of clicking on it!


          Hope this helps.



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            Rajeev Pandey

            Dear Pooja,


            I have mentioned a link in my question where achieved the above mentioned scenario but I am failed to understand how he did so. I am attaching his sample for your reference . Would you mind to have a look and provide your useful comment

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              Tianyi Zhou

              Hi, Rajeev.


              Could you mind telling me how can you make your donut chart?


              Following your chart, unfortunately, I do not even know how to get the term "YEAR(ORDER DATE)".

              Every time when I want to create it, I will only get the date back. I though the reason is because I am using Tableau 9 right now.


              Could you help me with this problem? Thank you.




              Tianyi Zhou

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                Jonathan Drummey

                Donut charts are pretty, I admit, but for looking at values they are pretty bad, the only half-way decent use is when there are only two segments. Your chart has 4 segments, and visually it's near impossible to tell that the blue segment is smaller than the orange segment. One tip for choosing appropriate visualizations is that if one has to put value labels on a chart to distinguish the marks then it's probably not the right visualization for that data. So my first suggestion would be to use a different chart type.


                What Ville put together is a polygon chart where he set up a data source with 531 records in it to set up a series of polygons so instead of drawing 4 marks the view is drawing 2124 marks with a double-dual axis, which doesn't leave any available Shelves to put a mark in the middle unless you seriously muck with the data. Then the color legend highlights all the polygons that have that color.


                Noah Salvaterra set up a worksheet for doing chord diagrams at DIY Chord Diagrams in Tableau – by Noah Salvaterra | DataBlick where he used more math to end up with fewer polygons and set up a configuration spreadsheet. The exterior ring of a chord diagram is similar to a donut plot, you might look at that.



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                  Rajeev Pandey

                  Dear Tianyi,


                  Can you please drop me an email to rajvivan11@hotmail.com or share your Skype ID with me so that I can demonstrate you the complete process which will help you in achieving the final result.

                  10:00 PM IST (indian Standard Time) would be best time for me. Let me know your availability

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                    Rajeev Pandey

                    Dear Jonathan Drummey

                    Thanks for your detailed Explanation . I completely agree with you Sir, Donut Chart is only good if we have only two segments . But as you instructed me earlier " keep playing with graphs, you will come up with different scenario every time " and I ma exactly doing the same. During my experiment I just noticed this is a kind of unexpected behaviour , so I thought is there any workaround for this type of problem or not.

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                      Tianyi Zhou

                      Hi, Rajeev.


                      I am very glad to hear from you again. Also, I am sorry for not being able to understand what you meant last time.

                      Now I know the ID you want is my Skype ID. ☺


                      For sure I can send you my ID and now I am going to do that. Please check your e-mail.


                      Thank you again for your kindness.




                      Tianyi Zhou