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    How can I set up an action filter to select both a state and data for the US overall?

    Mark Isaacs

      My data source has a column labeled 'State'. While most rows have a valid State value in this column, the data also has rows for the US overall, and these rows have 'United states' in this column.


      I want to set up a dashboard that shows the data for a selected year on a map, and if the user hovers over a state then the historical values for that state and for the United states show up in a chart.  Were it not for the need to include the United states data in the chart, this would be trivial. Similarly, if the dashboard consisted of just the historical chart, without the map, it would again be easy to set up by using a parameter for the state selection.  However, I can't figure out how to combine the map and a chart that has both the selected state and the data for the United States.


      I've attached a sample workbook with tabs for the map, the basic single-state chart and the dual "state-plus-United States" chart, along with a dashboard showing the three tabs.  The left-side chart works as expected with actions based on the map.  Can anyone suggest how I could make the right-side chart dynamic, in a similar fashion?


      Also, if anyone can tell me why Colorado isn't being recognized in the map that would be most helpful!