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    Can't Convert Big Query Unix Timestamps to Dates in Tableau

    Nik Edmiidz

      I'm loading Jive Analytics Data into BigQuery, and I get Integers like the below for in a field called ActivityTime.





      These are actually milliseconds since 1970/1/1, so I create a calculated field in Tableau like:


      DATEADD('hour',-8,(Date("1/1/1970") + (([ActivityTime]/1000)/86400)))


      This works fine against a CSV dump of the data, but when I connect to BigQuery it returns nulls.


      Then I decided to go to Data Source and create a Custom SQL source for the data as follows:


      SELECT MSEC_TO_TIMESTAMP(ActivityTime) fromUnixTimeStamp, * FROM ExpressDS.express_activity


      It appears the work.  But then when I press on Update Now I get an error:


      Field 'ActorActionObject_Created' not found.


      Any help with this would be much appreciated.


      Screenshot 2016-01-26 11.51.32.png