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    How to create a set that include "Dimension A"- "Dimension B"

    Derek Chen

      Hi. I'm a beginner of Tableau, I want to create a set which only contains the different values in dimension A and dimension B


      here is my case: I'm a online marketing, so I export my CPC advertising keyword reports from Google, the data sources include "keyword report week 1" and "keyword report week 2"


      and in both reports there is a dimension called "keywords"


      I want to create a sheet in tableau that can show me the new keywords performance. The "new keywords " are the keywords we added during week 2, so these keywords only included in the week 2 report and not included in week 1 report.


      My idea is create a set called "new keywords" and make it only include the new keywords, but I don't know how to make the set calculation,



      Anyone can help me?