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    Difference between two time period on a table

    Henry H

      Hi all -


      I have a simple table like this -



      Dept 110
      1/2/2015Dept 220
      1/3/2015Dept 220
      2/1/2015Dept 130
      2/2/2015Dept 210
      2/3/2015Dept 110
      3/1/2015Dept 110
      3/2/2015Dept 220
      3/3/2015Dept 110


      and I want to turn it to the following table visualization in Tableau:

      Dept 11040-30
      Dept 2401030



      I would like the two months that are being compared to be selected by the user, probably with a parameter.  Should be very simple.  I had used the difference table calculation but for some reason I keep getting a blank column right before the Difference column, which I cannot get rid of.  Is there an easier way to do this?


      Much thanks!