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    Proxy issue

    Kiran K

      Tableau Server Version: 9.2.0


      In the Front End (HTML Angular) application we are trying to integrate tableau charts with the embedd URLS that we get from the tableau chart.

      For which we have enabled the SAML authentication both for our frontend ui application

      and tableau server.


      So, within our UI code - we need to make calls to the tableau chart urls with out getting into CORS issue.


      For example:  Frontend UI application is residing in 10.23.123.X server

      We have a load balancer in front of tableau with a VIP which configures the SSL connections. This VIP is 10.23.123.L

            Tableau server is residing in 10.23.123.Y server

            APACHE SERVER where we have reverse proxies are set up on 10.23.123.Z server.

            (which has the domain name of myexample.com)


      Our assumption is when we do myexample.com/frontend  => we get our UI application.

      When we login into our frontend UI application we will be having a session established through SITEMINDER and we can forward the same cookie to Tableau server for login.

      After that the charts are trying to get loaded through myexample.com/tableau-charts within the “frontend” application.


      We have configured SAML and SSL on tableau server.



      Here is the Web agent Proxy entry on Siteminder:

      ProxyPass /tableau-charts http://10.23.123.L

      ProxyPassReverse /tableau-charts http://10.23.123.L


      ProxyPass /frontend http://10.23.123.X/frontend

      ProxyPassReverse /polaris http://10.23.123.X/frontend



      Can you help us in what way we need to configure the proxies here?

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          Per the proxy documentation: Tableau Server requires a proxy URL at the domain level. URLs that include a context path are not supported. For example,tableau.mycompany.com will work, but www.mycompany.com/tableau will not. Based on your description above, it sounds like you may be trying to route traffic to the TAbleau Server via a context path - is that correct?


          More importantly, are you having an issue or problem with your configuration above? If so, please post a screenshot of any errors.

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            Steven Fitzgerald

            I have seen within the documentation that context path are not support.


            Eliminating this restriction would be a great feature.  Currently, this restriction forces all the information from tableau to emanate from a well known host and it must be rooted at the top the information space provided by that server.


            As part of the overall Information architecture for our University's web presence, we would like hide the notion of individuals hosts that serve up parts of the information namespace.  By using the ProxyPass (etc) directives within Apache (for example), this can be easily accomplish, given the target system allows for it.


            How would one go about requesting such support to be added to Tableau?