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    Datawatch and Tableau Partner to Speed and Broaden Analytics with Self-Service Data Preparation

    Jerome GRANSAC

      Hi to all,


      My name is Jerome GRANSAC, I am working for Datawatch which is specialised in Data Preparation, Data Wrangling, Mining with Monarch.

      This month, Tableau and Datawatch have partnered to enhance the power of Tableau visuals.

      I encourage you to have a look to this video and the attached document that show how Datawatch can help.



      With Monarch, you are able to prepare your data, combining them together, grouping, (un)pivoting,exporting to Excel or Tableau (.tde files).



      Datawatch Monarch & Data Prep Studio can really help you to broaden your analytics and get better visuals in Tableau, by preparing data first.



      If you need further advice or any help, feel free to ping me. Particularly if you are working at Tableau, I can provide you a direct access to Monarch Data Prep Studio.