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    Longitude / Latitude dragged to columns /rows not producing a map

    Kirstin Lyon



      I'm trying to put marks on a map using longitude/latitude details from the interworks drawing tool (I'm using IE 10, and Tableau Desktop v9.0).


      I copy the long/lat/shape and point details directly in to tableau.  This gives me it in one line, so I then edit the data source to separate the data in to 4 columns.   I try to change the Long / Lat columns in to being a number, but I don't have any options to change the default data type.   I then go in to a worksheet, and still don't have the possibility of change the default data type.  So I create a calculated field and convert both longitude and latitude to float's. Then I convert both latitude and longitude to being the right geographic role.


      The next step is I put longitude to columns and latitude to rows, shape and point go to the details card.   At this point the points are added to an X, Y access, but the map image doesn't appear.


      Anyone have any ideas how to fix this? or why I can't directly change the default data type?  I'm noticing this quite a bit recently.