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    Getting a list of custom views.

    Nate Erskine

      Hi all,


      i was wondering if there was some way i could get a list of the names of all the custom views attached to a specific workbook, then place these names into an array.



      i tried to use the .getCustomViewsAsync() however it is returning an Object. is there something i need to add to this to pull the names into an array?

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          Jackson Huang

          Hi Nate,


          Thank you for your question. The javascript APIs return a Promise object that contains the result. The result is passed as a parameter into the .then() function of the Promise object.


          For example you can get the list of custom views in the following way:


          function getCustomViewNames(customViews){

               //customViews is an array of CustomView objects, you can iterate through the array and call getName() to get the names of the custom views








          You can read more on the behavior the asynchronous API calls here:

          Tableau JavaScript API Concepts--Asynchronous Calls


          Hope this answers your question,



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