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    If Latest Touch "IS"

    Erik Wasson


      I am trying to write a calculation that looks for specific criteria and then checks to see if it happened before or after other criteria. The picture below is showing touched at the [Case ID] level for a specific case.


      For example, based on the image below, I might be looking for a calculation that will let me know if the last touch on the case was "Reached" to consider it Reached. I have used {INCLUDE [Case ID]:} calculations in the past, where I give all the outcomes a value and then do a Sum and filter for criteria I am looking for. However, I don't know how to do that when I'm looking for dates (like first touch/first date or last touch/max date). I tried to do INCLUDE [Case ID]: If TOTAL(MAX([Start Time])), but that told me I cannot do a LOD calculation and a table calculation together


      Usually when I am displaying case info I do it as an aggregate, rather than expanded as shown below. I can provide further clarification, if needed. Any help would be greatly appreciated!




      Case 123 Details:

      Support Snip.PNG

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          Hi Erik!


          Can you attach sample data set instead of a screen shot? Or better, a Tableau packaged workbook connected with that sample data set? Which Tableau version are you using? It would be a lot easier for someone to help out. Also I am not sure what exactly you are looking for. So an expected output mockup would be helpful too!



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            Erik Wasson

            I will look to see if I can post a packaged workbook. I am looking to display a weekly count of cases where the last touch was (in this example) "Reached".


            For simplicity sake of this question, it would be [Week of Start Time] down the rows and [Cases where Reached was the last touch] on the columns.