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    Cloning Servers

    Jack May

      We need to duplicate our prod server (we are dealing directly with our Tableau rep about licensing), what is the fastest way to create an exact duplicate server? Our server team can clone our existing VM, will I need to do an install, or will the software, content and/or configurations come accros when the server is cloned? If I need to do a fresh install, am I better with a clean/new server? If I have to reinstall, can I restore a backup from prod onto the new server? I've only had success doing a --no-config restore from one machine onto another and then configuring the new machine. I'm wondering whether I'm missing a shortcut.


      Jack May

      IDEXX, Laboratories, Inc.

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          Matt Coles

          What's the goal for duplicating the server? That will be important to know...


          We keep a server for failover, and our process at a high level looks like this:


          1. Clean install of Tableau Server on new hosts.
          2. Ensure all drivers, customized config values, etc are performed on new hosts
          3. Ensure host monitoring is up on new servers (Zabbix in our case)
          4. Take a tabadmin backup of the production server
          5. Copy .tsbak file to new hosts
          6. Tabadmin restore --no-config
          7. Disable all subscriptions schedules (otherwise duplicates will be sent)
          8. Depending on your use case, disable extract refresh schedules as well.
          9. Test / validate, etc


          Nightly, we go through the tabadmin backup -> copy -> restore bit to keep content current-ish on the failover server. Extracts are kept running but subscriptions are always disabled.

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            Jack May

            The goal is to have a training server, for a big group of users to hit two new dashboards hard (while being trained to use these new dashboards), keeping that traffic off of the prod server that will be in use across the enterprise at the same time. We have worked hard to configure prod to run efficiently and if I don't have to replicate the install and configure then I don't have to worry that I've missed something.



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              Toby Erkson

              I agree w/Matt's process.  tabadmin backup/restore but you may want to exclude the --no-config parameter.

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                Matt Coles

                Exclude it? For a restore to separate hosts? No, keeping that flag included will be important! Have you done a restore to different hosts without that flag, Toby? What was your experience?

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                  Toby Erkson

                  They want an exact duplicate, that was my reason why to include configuration settings.  I'm going off the meager explanations provided in the Administration Guide but definitely bow down to your expertise!


                  For my side, our QA and PROD are different and I don't cross-pollinate so I have no experience.

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                    Matt Coles

                    Gotcha. Yeah, hostnames are part of the config info, so if you don't use that flag it will look for the production hosts within the test cluster, which will break test (shouldn't hurt prod though). Agreed, I also would like the admin guide to be more specific.

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                      Toby Erkson

                      Wow, did not realize that!  Thanks Matt


                      Jack, just ignore the orange VW, the nut behind the wheel is obviously lost

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                        Jack May

                        I don't need the content to match across servers, we'll only be training on two dashboards (and their data sources), one of which isn't even on Prod yet. Why would I do a backup and restore if I can't bring the config across?

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                          Jack May

                          Thanks for all the suggestions, I ended up doing clean installs and manually configuring the new servers to match prod. I don't think there is a way to bring all configurations from one server to another.

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