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    Using data from Salesforce.com as a filter on a dataset


      I have set of data that we create tree graphs and table based visualizations. It pulls it's data from a MySQL data source. Many of the values within those graphs/tables aren't necessarily needed and currently we have to manually "exclude" from the view, then save that as a custom view for later usage (we consume this data within Tableau Online).  When i view the table/chart i simply right click, choose exclude, then the table and chart update accordingly.


      What I'd like to do is pull in this filtering data from Salesforce.com and have a process where the tables/graphs only display the values that are specifically included from specific Salesforce.com data.


      There would be a shared key amongst the Salesforce.com and tablular/graph data.  I'm thinking that we would have exact strings in Salesforce.com that match the MySQL data values for filtering/exclusion/inclusion. Does anyone have guidance on how to accomplish this (links, tutorials, examples)?


      Thanks in advance,


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          Kent Sloan

          Hi Vin,


          Since the Salesforce and MySQL data can not be joined in current versions of Tableau you will need to use a blend. To do this build out your report using the MySQL data then create a connection to the Salesforce data set. To define the key fields between the data sources go to Data>Edit Relationships>Custom and list out the key fields. Once you have done this drop the field from the Salesforce data set onto the filter shelf and you should be able to restrict the view as needed. There are likely many additional complications based on your data set and the view you are using but attached is a basic example of this using a blend between two separate files. I hope this helps!