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    #GOVTUG is coming soon!

    Emily Kund

      We've been quietly working to come up some ideas, working out the logistics, and enjoying the holidays. But now, we're ready to kick it into gear.  While we iron out some more of the details, let me share the following with you.


      By the end of the week, our social media platforms will be stood up.  For now, you can follow #govtug on twitter.


      Our plan...

      • Quarterly virtual meetings held in February, May, August, and November. These meetings will be available to all government (not just federal).
      • Thanks to those who have contributed, we are turning your ideas into topics for the rest of the year.
        • Building a Center of Excellence (Business Intelligence Center).
        • The Who and How of resourcing.  We all know there are certain rules we must follow, so how do we attract the right talent (and what are some characteristics we need to look out for).
        • Section 508 Compliance. Allows everyone to see the data!


      Our planned format is as follows:


      Subject Matter

      • Hear from the Gov. We think it's really important to share the successes and challenges, so we'll hear from government users for part (or all) of the time dedicated to the subject matter.

      Technical Tip

      • Tableau is always evolving and is so flexible that we want to make sure you come away with a great tip to help improve the design and efficiency of your Tableau work.


      Want to present or have an idea for a topic? Let us know! GOVTUG is for the people, by the people.


      Contact Emily at emilyk1852@gmail.com or Cesar at Cesar.Picco1@gmail.com to get involved!!