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    AWS S3 / Azure and backups

    Danny Bain

      I work in the product team for Tableau Server. I'm researching ways that we can improve administrator and user features for using Tableau Server with cloud based storage systems (think S3, Azure Storage, Google Storage, others).


      Initially, I'm researching ways Tableau Server could more directly support AWS S3 or Azure Storage Accounts for backups or related file storage functions. This would seem to be particularly helpful for scale-out or disaster recovery scenarios.


      I'd like to invite folks to share their ideas for features that could be helpful to Tableau Server administrators when using cloud based storage. I'd also be interested in Tableau Desktop use cases as well.

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          Shankar Narayanan SGS

          Hi Danny


          Are you looking for Backing up Tableau on the AWS S3? In that case you would need to write custom code for doing the same.


          If you have to use it to host all the files, then you would need a Windows client that mounts S3 as a drive and Install Tableau on the same,  but that would not be a recommended option to do,



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            Danny Bain

            Shankar, thanks for your response. I apologize for the confusion.


            I work on the product team for Tableau Server. I'm researching the possibility of implementing new features in Tableau Server. I have researched the various tools for use with S3, so I'm not looking for a FAQ. I would like to learn more about how the Tableau Server Administrator community is actually using S3.


            Areas that I'm particularly interested in:

            1. How advanced are your use cases. How long have you been using cloud based storage?

            2. Are you using the vendor tools for managing S3, like AWSCLI and AWSPowerShell

            3. What is your security model... Tokens, Access ID's, ACLs, least permissions, etc ?

            4. At-rest encryption, versioning, redundancy, RTO, RPO.

            5. What are the business goals? Cost savings, disaster recovery, user recovery, change control, etc.