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    RESET button for clearing the selection and filter

    Manu Mohan C

      I am instructed to use a RESET button to clear all markings(Selection) from visualization and also filters in my workbook. it includes some 4 global filters in it.Primary aim of the button is to clear all selection from worksheets as my analysis mainly concentrating on selecting from one visualization and navigating to other hence it includes lot of selections from visualization. i need to remove all selections with one click of a button...please help me......

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          Sasha Hanna

          Hi Manu,

          On your navigation page, go to 'Edit Filter' within the General Tab you can select 'Custom value list' and untick 'Include all values when empty'. This works as a reset because unless you type in values, it will remain empty.

          Let me know if this helps.



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            Rajeev Pandey

            Dear Manu ,

            Please find the below approach.


            1- Create a separate sheet as "Reset".

            2- Drag and drop the sheet into the dashboard.

            3- Create an action as below:

                      a: Keep source sheet as "Reset" sheet

                      b: Keep destination sheet as all the sheets which needs to be shown on the dashboard.

                      c: Under Target Filters select selected fields and add the filter coulmns as both source and destination field.

            4- Save the action.

            or follow the below approach which is mentioned in the below link

            Reset Filters in Tableau Desktop


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