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    Can I change the data source for a single worksheet in a workbook without changing the data source for the other sheets?

    Camille von Eberstein

      I've got a workbook with multiple worksheets. The viz relates to query response performance for a series of server configs of a server we're trying to optimize. In the final workbook, each worksheet should show a data set of query response times for a different version of the server config, so we can see how the server re-configuration is impacting its performance. I'd like to be able to update the data source for each worksheet with unique data sources, as we continue to evolve the server config and generate new performance data. When I try to change the data source for any one worksheet, the process changes the data source for ALL the worksheets in the workbook, rather than just the target worksheet. Is there a way to add data sources (all are formatted identically) and switch single worksheets to the new data sources?