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    server status "degraded" in a double-node server installation

    CHEN Junxian

      Hi, all


      I was try to configure a double node server instance. I installed my primary node and started the service normally. I've successfully logged in tableau server.


      Then I stopped the service and added my worker node and changes were saved. I then tried to start my server again which took really long time and I got:




      I've read the article Degraded Status After Upgrade | Tableau Software . I'm not quite clear about the Multiple network cards and I'm quite doubtful whether this leads to my problem.


      After disable my other NICs, I reinstalled primary and worker node and then added the worker node and got "Please shut down the service before saving any changes" but the service had been stopped! I uninstalled and reinstalled my worker node, that won't help much.


      Has anyone encountered this problem? I'll appreciate every of your advice.


      Thanks a lot!