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    Comments section missing on dashboard

    Aaron Simmons

      For some reason, we are unable to display the comments section for user to comment on a dashboard that is being shared either through the embedded code or the email link.  I have confirmed both through publishing it to the server as well as checking on the server itself that Add Comments and View Comments are enabled.  We've tried numerous permission settings from next to nothing to full control but we can never see the comments box.  We've tried using different users / user permission levels but are unable to get it to show.


      However, when we log in to the server, navigate to the project, and then open one of the dashboards, the comments section is then and ONLY then available to use.  Is there no way to display this comment section so that users don't have to log in to the server itself to use this feature?  If this is the only way, we will have to remove that option altogether as we don't want users access content on the server.