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    Using a parameter to select a bin

    Bryan Mills

      I have several columns containing scores of various tests with values 1, 2 or 3 and I've created bins for each as it works nicely as a pie chart. I'd like to have a parameter control select which bin to display in a certain visualization, which is a pie chart. I thought I could simply write an IF statement like this for a new calculated field called "ELA Claim Target" but it throws an error. This is my first attempt at using bins and I may be coming at this from the complete wrong angle so I thought I'd see if I could get some guidance.


      Here's the calculated field that throws an error.

      IF [ELA Claim Select]="Claim 1"

      THEN [ELA Claim 1 (bin)]

      ELSEIF [ELA Claim Select]="Claim 2"

      THEN [ELA Claim 2 (bin)]



      I've attached a sample with the data which should be pretty easy to understand.


      I guess I can swap sheets on the dashboard with the parameter but I'd prefer to find a simpler solution as there are 7 different "claims" as I describe above and the # of sheets in this workbook is already super high and I'd like to streamline it a bit more.


      Does anyone have a solution for how I can change which bin is displayed on a viz or if this is even possible? If it's not a relatively quick/simple solution any other ways you'd suggest to do this? Thanks!