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    Crosstab for multiple measures on several columns: today, yesterday, a week ago

    Bogdan Pop



      This is my first post, I hope I am writing this in the proper place.


      I am trying to create a quick overview of several measures, and show the values for each KPI on three columns: Today, Yesterday, A week ago. In the attached workbook you'll find my "progress" (not much to speak of), and below you'll find the expected output.


      I created 3 calculated fields named (one for each day on the column) - if I add 'Today' on the columns shelf it seems to work, however adding a second field does not generate an extra column.

      Note that 'Today' actually means the last day available in the data (an internal convention if you will), so the calculated field is computed as such.


      Expected output:

      Today (1/19/2016)Yesterday (1/18/2016)A week ago (1/12/2016)


      I searched for similar workbooks, but most of the examples I found had measures names as columns instead of rows. Can this be achieved ?


      Thank you,