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    Control and run a python script from Tableau, ingest resulting data ?

    Ulrich Kerzel

      Dear all,


      I'd like to create some sort of "app" (for want of a better word) which should do the following

      - set some steering parameters (maybe 10-20)

      - pass them on to a python script, run the script (e.g. generate some sample data)

      - ingest the resulting data (e.g. from a Pandas DataFrame)

      - then use Tableau to visualise the data (e.g.  various time series, 2D plots, etc.)


      Is this possible with Tableau (Desktop) ? I know there is an integration with R but for various reasons I'd prefer a python solution.

      In either case, could you point me to some ressources how one (even in R) would fill a few tables/data frames with parameters, pass them on and trigger the execution using some button or similar ?


      Many thanks in advance


      best wishes