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    Tableau server error: Multiple Tableau Server connections not supported

    John Westbury



      When I download published content from Tableau server I get an error message that: Multiple Tableau Server connections not supported.  I have published test workbooks with one data source and still receive the error. 


      When my colleagues download and view content that I published, they get the same error.  However, when they create content against server data sources and publish to the server, they can successfully download and view the workbooks.  When I try to download and view their workbooks, I get the error.  The incidence of the error seems to be limited to content that I publish or if I try to download and view other people's content.  Other server users w/out desktop can view and interact with my content on the server. 


      This problem is so weird and frustrating.  Has anyone run into this before and if so, how/could you resolve it?