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    Parameter Type-In % Format

    John Sobczak

      Is there a way to format a parameter value to type in whole numbers for % values instead of typing in decimals?   For example type in 50 for 50%?   I see you can display it in % but for entering the value requires typing in a decimal (.5). 

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          Venu Babu Kolasani

          Below is the trick or workaround in order to achieve this.




          I have  Sales and would like to get % of the sales in a separate column based on what the user enters.


          % of Sales would be: ([Enter the %of sales in number]/100)*Sum([Sales])


          In the parameter [Enter the %of sales in number] user enters the whole number and we are manipulating it in the calculation by dividing it by 100.


          Please find the attached Tableau workbook and hope this what you are looking for.


          It would be great, if you could mark this as helpful or answered if you like the solution.




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            John Sobczak

            Thanks Venu.    I was hoping there was a way to do it inclusive in the parameter format to keep the % symbol in the field rather than moving it to the Header description.