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    Historical Session ID Field

    Lauren Walker

      I have been running some custom queries to the server workgroup database, to run some usage analysis.  I want to get the number of session run on there server, but can only seem to find the session id for the current day("_sessions"."session_id" ). I am currently waiting on system approval to access to the read only account and get to the sessions table, so it may be that that session id in there is what I am after, however I would have expected it to be available in one of the hist tables.


      Can anyone confirm where I would find each session ID for the server?



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          John Kuo

          I believe the sessions table contains only current sessions. So if no one is logged in then no session id will appear.





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            Lauren Walker

            Thanks for your response John.


            Yes, I've got access and you are correct, the sessions table only holds the data for current sessions. To work round this I am taking a distinct count of the "historical_events"."id" where "historical_event_types"."type_id" = 1 (server login).


            I would be interested if anyone has measured this similarly or used a different method. I am surprised that this is not available in the hist_ tables as they are so comprehensive with other metrics.

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              Bryce Larsen

              I've gone for a similar approach as well. Created a SessionID field that is calculated by most recent log-in prior to a view and converting the datetime to a string and adding the User ID to ensure it's distinct. Surprised they don't keep historical session data.